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The rapid development China's economy and tourism industries have fed year-by-year expansion in China's hotel industry. But competition within the industry has also stepped up, its focus intensifying in two key areas: internationalization and smartness. The new demands of business travelers’ in the age of digitalization have prompted hoteliers to make digitalization of services and increased smartness their key goals. At the same time, hotels own levels of information management, and their ability to provide network communication services, have also become important factors in hotel star ratings.

The demands for information services from guests, especially business travelers, have also evolved from ones related to simple internet access to demands for integrated web-based services. It remains important for hotels to build internal networks with sufficient bandwidth to provide desired services, whose benefits in terms of guests’ convenience and enjoyment can be considerable.

H3C’s Hotel Integrated Business Solution integrates IP voice/video, wireless communications, and storage technology with basic network technologies to effectively improve hotel network management, reduce operating costs, and provide guests with diversified services, improving hotel occupancy and profitability. This solution also allows hotels to diversify their income sources and reduce expenditures, improving profitability as well as customer satisfaction.

For budget hotel chains – the most popular hotels worldwide – hotel rooms are core or even sole products. Through offering a high value proposition featuring aggressive pricing, high service standards, and reasonable comfort, budget hotel chains have become the most typical form of modern hotel. Due to the similarity of chain hotels, digitalization can follow a cookie-cutter approach, with similar solutions applied in all branches.

H3C’s customized easy-to-use solution has been received with high acclaim by numerous budget hotel chains.

H3C Upgrades Budget Hotels H3C’s customized easy-of-use solution has been received with high acclaim by numerous budget hotel chains. Learn More

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